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Terms and Conditions of Use

All contracting parties and users of the online job market "" accept the following terms and conditions of use:

1. Despite our best efforts, there may occasionally be technical and / or content-related problems. The operator of this website cannot assume any liability for potential loss or damage (e.g. lost data, technical problems etc.).

2. Users are responsible for their user names and / or passwords and are themselves liable for any damage incurred due to misuse or loss. The operatorcannot accept anyresponsibility whatsoever for loss or damage due to negligence.

3. Users are responsible for the content they make accessible via "" and undertake in particular not to distribute any pornographic, political and / or religious content.The operator reserves the right to refuse publication of adverts due to their content, origin or technical form in accordance with uniform, objectively justified principles. This applies in particular if the content violates legal prohibitions or moral conventions, or alternatively if the operator deemspublication to be unacceptable for other reasons.Furthermore, the operator is entitled to delete job adverts from the online job market if their content violates legal or official prohibitions or moral conventions, without issuing a prior warning to the user. The operator cannotbe held responsible for the content published by users and cannot beheld liable for false information. The content of job offers and applications isnot checked by the operatorforaccuracy.

4. Any downloads from this website are made at your own risk. The operator does not assume any liability for loss or damage incurred without any fault on their part by downloading, installing, storing and using the content on the website. Neither does the operator assume any liability for damage or malfunctions caused by viruses or so-called worms.Users must ensure that attachments sent to "" do not contain any viruses or worms.

5. Links to other websites as well as following such links to the content listed there are not within the operator's control. The operatorcannot assume responsibility for this. When the operator has been made aware of the illegal content of a link listed on ""and checked it, this link will be blocked until further notice. The operator of the linked website is solely liable for any loss resulting from using the linked information.

6. Using the Internet is carried out at your own risk. The operator is not liable for the failure of the website due to technical reasons or failure of Internet access. Liability claims against the operator are excluded for any interrupted transmissions attributable to network failures and force majeure.

7. Using the database of "" for the purpose of enticement of users by companies competing with the operator is prohibited and entitles the operator to legally enforce injunctive relief even without prior warning.

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